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Quick Quote Prices Include Standard Vertical Installation*

Air Conditioner size is given in Ton’s or BTU’s
Higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit.

Our contractor for Florida Cooling Store is Eric Ancliffe.

In fact, lets bring Eric in for a few words.

“Hi, Eric here with Florida Cooling Store Inc., growing up in the building trade it was always normal for me to have tools in my hands. I learned the building trades from my father, and always have stayed in the field.

Coming down to Florida in the early 90’s. from VT, I was hired into an entry level job with an air conditioning company in Sarasota, Fl. It was a great job, with great friends and work that fascinated me. I loved meeting new people every day. I grew and felt a connection to the home comfort environment. An important lesson learned in those early years of air conditioning service and maintenance was and still is;

“One of the most important elements of daily life is having and maintaining a comfortable, healthy, environment in your family’s home.”

Without that level of comfort, conducting normal tasks around the home can become a source of aggravation and even a health concern.

“There is nothing more important at Florida Cooling Store Inc. than keeping our customers comfortable.“

The air conditioning system is an integral part of our home, we don’t notice it when it’s working correctly, but whoa, stop the press when it stops working.

Another critical lesson learned in the air conditioning business is as follows;

“Air conditioners never stop working at a good time”

Working in this business for the last 20 years plus, I rarely if ever pulled up to a customer’s home, and had them tell me that “This was a good time for the AC to stop working, it sure was nice that it chose this time to break!”

“When an air conditioner breaks, it can most often be fixed, and fixed promptly.“

Sometimes though, it’s just past the point where a repair makes sense. One of the most stressful, and aggravating process’s I have seen in this business, is the process of getting an estimate to have a new air conditioning system installed.

One of the most important lessons I learned in the air conditioning business is as follows;

“There is a better way to take care of the customer, and that starts with the estimate process.“

At Florida Cooling Store Inc. (FL Cooling) we have a flat price system. This means the price that we present to you for our air conditioning installation or service is set at a flat rate. Your neighbor gets the same price, and it doesn’t matter what side of town we are in, or how expensive the home is or isn’t. Our policy of honest upfront pricing has won our customers loyalty over the many years we have operated in this wonderful area.

“When our Florida Cooling Store Crew installs a new air conditioning system in your home, we take it as a great responsibility to make sure its installed right and working to the highest standards.“

So, if you have arrived here at our website, and need air conditioning service or a new installation in your home, welcome!

The following steps to getting a new estimate with FL Cooling are quite simple, as we like to say;

“It all starts with the Quick Quote”

you can fill out our short form, and we can take it from there! Once you fill out the form, we start building you an interactive quote online to send to you. We take the following steps on all quotes: 

  • Find out the correct size air conditioning system for the home.
  • Get pictures of the current equipment installed at the customers home. Figure out the best brand, efficiency level, and basic install needs to make the job as efficient and smooth as possible.
  • Get the customer an interactive online quote as quickly as possible. Once you receive your quote, you can pick and choose from options that you might have requested, or we put in the quote for you to consider.
  • Once you are satisfied with the quote, you can accept, and schedule installation in several convenient ways, right inside the online quote, over the phone, text, chat….
  • In some cases, a site visit will be necessary while installing new air conditioners is something we do every day, there are times and cases when we just need to come out and see and measure for ourselves to get the right information. This might be when your air handler or furnace is located in the attic and might have access issues. It might be because something in your current system needs to be relocated, or changed. It just happens, that every once in a while, we cannot work from pictures, if that is the case, we incorporate a site visit into the estimate process. In over 90% of the time, it’s a standard job and can be set up with a clear picture of your air handler, and a picture of your outside unit.

“So please, tell us how we can help you, its the reason we’re here, and we want to keep you comfortable!“


  2 Ton 2.5 Ton 3.0 Ton 3.5 Ton 4.0 Ton 5.0 Ton
14 SEER $3520 $3674 $3841 $4058 $4261 $4599
15 SEER $3969 $4120 $4359 $4462 $4764 $5337
16 SEER $4157 $4332 $4462 $4716 $5572 $6125


  2 Ton 2.5 Ton 3.0 Ton 3.5 Ton 4.0 Ton 5.0 Ton
14 SEER $4061 $4196 $4356 $4635 $4927 $5383
15 SEER $4399 $4899 $5097 $5299 $5699 $6199
16 SEER $5099 $5199 $5495 $5697 $6192 $6894
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