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14 SEER$3320$3496$3685$3888$4161$4483
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14 SEER$4027$4148$4261$4480$4692$5142
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* Prices listed include standard vertical installation of a factory-new heat pump condenser, air handler, with back up heat strip. 

  • Our Split System Installs Include:
  • New Condensing Unit. (Outside Piece)
  • New Air Handler Unit. (Inside Piece)
  • New Digital Programmable Thermostat
  • Supplemental Heat Strips. (Sized to your existing electric)
  • Remove, existing old air conditioner, and haul away.
  • Delivery and installation of new air conditioner and air handler.
  • Install to existing copper, electric, ducts, and base.
  • A new air handler base is provided, or a built-in base is rebuilt to code.
  • Permit for the following Counties: Duval, St. Johns, & Clay.
  • Factory Warranty of 10 Years on equipment with Registration Online.*
  • Labor Warranty of 1 Year from Florida Cooling Store Inc.

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We offer a free solar evaluation to see if your home qualifies for solar at little or no cost out of your pocket.
Pictures and phone calls work for most of the estimate process, but an onsite evaluation provides the best way to get you the most accurate details. You can text pictures of your existing air conditioner.to FL Cooling Store Text Line: 904-445-0811 We provide comfort solutions. Text me to set up time to come look at my air conditioner. I'd rather text pictures of my existing air conditioner. to FL Cooling Store Text Line: 904-445-0811
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We are a leading AC Contractor offering the best prices on air conditioner service and installation. We offer heat pump installation, central air conditioner installation , Fiberglass Blow Insulation, Solar Sales & Service. We offer our services in Jacksonville, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Palm Coast , Middleburg, St Johns, Ponte Vedra, Fernandina Beach, Baldwin, Atlantic Beach, pretty much all over our great area, go ahead, if your not sure, give us a call.  Did you know we can even install in Key West, pretty cool huh? 
From: Robert Y Date: Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 12:07 PM Subject: Cannot do review as I don't have a Google account or Smart Phone, so this is my review from me... To: I love FL Cooling for so many reason's! They installed us a good Air Conditioner in 2012 and it worked great until the last month of 2019. When our Air Conditioner had a problem I called FL Cooling again and they sent a man named Eric out to our house within about 2 hours after I called them. Eric checked our A\C and found the problem, and he came back the next day and installed a new compressor as the old one was bad. He fixed our A/C in about an hour and it is working perfect now. The price we had to pay for fixing our A/C was super great as most any other company would have charged us quite a bit more. Our A/C was only out for one day instead of several days or weeks, so FL Cooling did super great for us! Also, Eric the person who fixed out A/C is a super great person. I liked everything about him and his repairs, and also his great talking and other stuff. Eric is most likely the greatest repair man in Florida in so many ways!!! May God bless him! Me and my wife are so very happy with FL Cooling, and both of us will always tell anyone who may have A/C problems to call them instead of any other company! We LOVE them with all our hearts! Robert Y, xxx dr,., Jax, FL
Robert Y

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