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Just a few benefits of

The FL Cooling

Annual Service Advantage Program “ASAP”

Three Programs to choose from Platinum, Gold, and Silver!
  • Monthly payment options available.
  • Reduce Energy Bills, up to 30%.
  • Loyalty Dollars towards the purchase of a New HVAC system
  • Ensure the quality and longevity of your homes AC system
  • Extend your HVAC systems lifespan
  • NO overtime charges
  • Reduce costly repairs by keeping your system running at factory specifications.
  • Labor savings with our program discounts
  • Automatic scheduling and renewal means no need to remember date

FL Cooling Annual Service Advantage Program “ASAP”

Save Energy, Peace Of Mind, & Enjoy Ultimate Comfort!

 Multi-point air-conditioning tune-up and “ASAP” plan features!
 Platinum Plan
Gold Plan
Silver Plan
 Evaluate refrigerant charge, adjust refrigerant level, #2 Lbs. Included on Gold and Silver, no limit on Platinum Plan X X X
 Calibrating and leveling thermostat X X X
 Cleaning washable filters as needed, replace with owner supplied filter X X X
 Tighten all electrical connections in entire system X X X
 Inspecting safety devices for proper operation X X X
 Inspecting and testing contactor for burns and/or pits X X X
 Inspecting disconnect box for proper rating and installation X X X
 Monitoring volts and amps on fan motor X X X
 Inspecting electrical for exposed wiring X X X
 Cleaning condenser coil and removing debris X X X
 Cleanout drain with high pressure and add solution X X X
 Monitoring compressor for proper amp draw, volt draw, and wiring connections X X X
 Spray outdoor coil with foaming cleanser X X
 Anti-Corrosion Spray on outdoor coil X X
 Parts Discount on any system saving components X
 Labor included on any Manufacturer Warranty Parts Replacement! X
 Priority Service, our White Glove Scheduling with no Overtime Charges X
 FL Cooling “ASAP” Offers No Worry Automatic Renewal and Scheduling. Scheduled service visits: 2X Annual 2X Annual 1X Annual
 Payment Plan billed monthly with no money down $45.00 $20.00 $12.00
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