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Thousands Of Ducts Cleaned

We Offer Duct System Cleaning & Sanitizing

Times have changed

These days, its not just a luxury to get your air ducts clean.  Everyone deserves clean air to breathe in their own home.

Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning

Some signs include;
excessive dusting or sweeping
Black lines or debris around the register
Higher than normal utility bills
Increased allergy signs
Microbial growth due to moisture issues
Musty odors
Recent home remodeling or construction

Benefits of Duct Cleaning include;

Improved indoor air quality Reduced respiratory difficulties Improved energy efficiency Extend the life of the heating and cooling system

Our Process

We use the latest in HEPA-filtration, compressed air driven, clean duct technology. We use a high capacity triple motor HEPA vacuum paired with compressed air duct cleaning technology.


After your duct is clean, its time to sanitize it! To keep your duct clean and healthy, we use Biostat. This is a Microbiostatic Sanitizing Agent Fully approved by the EPA for use in HVAC systems.
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Eric, I want to thank you for all that you have done. You and your company are a breath of fresh air, literally. It is so refreshing to me to have found a company that still believes in and utilizes solid work standards and practices. Things that many have forgotten, never known, or simply choose not to employ. With the mold remediation that I had to have done with my house, I had to deal with quite a few contractors. The work that you and your company performed was the only aspect that was handled honestly, professionally, and thoroughly. You were an absolute pleasure to work with, and the only one that I had complete confidence and trust in. The mold spores had been drawn from the source of growth into my entire HVAC system. As my system (3 ton, 10 SEER Trane) was 20 years old, it was on borrowed time. You installed the much more efficient 16 SEER Trane condensing unit and Air handler. Your excellent recommendation of adding the UV Light Micropure whole house air purifier and the Electronic filter/air cleaner were things that I was not aware of but, am absolutely thrilled with! I wish I had these in this house sooner and in the other houses that I have ever owned. The air quality is amazing, thanks to you! I will be certain to tell all of my friends and family about You and Florida Cooling Store. I know that they will be thanking me, as I am thanking you. A customer for life,

Mark L.
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