4WCA4036A1000A 3.0 Ton14 SEER Heat Pump Package Unit (All In One)

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    RunTru by Trane 4WCA4036A1000A

    3.0 Ton 14 SEER Heat Pump Package Unit (All In One) 

    Package Unit Model Number: 4WCA4036A1000A

    Aux Heat:
    10-Year Compressor & Coil (Indoor & Outdoor) No registration needed
    5-Year Functional Parts
    1-Year Labor from Florida Cooling Store

    Manufacturers Product Sheets

    Manufacturers Specification Sheets:

    Package Unit: 

    Product Brochure: 

    Whats Included With This New Package Unit?

    What is included with this new Heat Pump System From

    Florida Cooling Store Inc:

    • New Package Unit
    • Supplemental Heat Strips.(Sized to your existing electric, dont worry, we ask for your breaker size before we come out.)
    • New Digital Honeywell Thermostat.(You have a chance to upgrade it with lots of cool features if you want)
    • Full Installation Package.(Please pick your existing Air Handler Configuration in the options below, and check out the Install Features table below)
    • Delivery of Factory new equipment to your home on day of installtion.(You can pick your installation date off of our online calendar!)
    • Warranty:
      10-Year Compressor & Coil (Indoor & Outdoor) No registration needed
      5-Year Functional Parts
      1-Year Labor from Florida Cooling Store
    • Labor Warranty of 1 Year from Florida Cooling Store Inc. We do great work.(It keeps us from having to keep coming back, we love to visit, but everyone is all so busy these days!)
    • Service After The Sale(We have our one year labor warranty, but also offer a full Suite Of Maintenance Plans)
    Installation Features:

    Installation Features:

    Name of the featureExampleDefault
    * The crew shows up on time.In the time slot of the day of your choice from our install calendar.X
    *Package Unit installed at correct manufacturers clearance.The System needs air to operate.x
    * Line drier either installed on site, or factory pre-installed.This is like an oil filter for your system.X
    * Balanced charge, complete startup.You want the right amount, down to the ounce, to be perfectly comfortable.X
    * Plenums mechanically fastened and sealed to air handler.The Plenum is basically the outlet, and the inlet for your air flow. Pretty important.x
    * Old equipment hauled away and recycled.No big pile of trash out by the road!X
    * Job site cleaned up, all debris hauled back to warehouse.We have been told that its cleaner after we leave. (We not maids, but we respect your home!)X
    * New Cladlight Hurricane Condenser Pad, or level existing base.This is required, and we do not use a plastic pad, no way!x
    *Start up and test systemWe will show you how to use your new system.x
    *Warranty RegistrationWe will make sure you get your new system registered for your 10 year parts warranty!
    Weight350 oz
    Air Conditioner Brand

    Air Conditioner Efficiency (SEER)

    14 SEER Efficiency

    Air Conditioner Size