UC18S15-24B 15″ Single UV lamp $290.00


$290.00 $390.00

  • Redsigned from the ground up, the new generation Lightstick and Lightstick Plus offer the highest UV-C output compared to all other 24V UV fixtures. Better at optimizing indoor air quality by fighting mold and bacteria growth on HVAC coils than ever before.
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    The new Lightstick and Lightstick Plus UV are a development collaboration between Dust Free and the leading UV lamp manufacturer in Europe using the highest quality components the industry has ever seen from the power supply and lamp to connectors and cordage. The Lightsticks utilize low mercury lamps that are good for the environment and provide high ambient temperature operation. 100% ozone free.


    • Works in conjunction with your air fillter 24/7 to disinfect cooling coils, drain pans, and duct surfaces.
    • Fights mold and bacteria growth for optimal coil purification. 24V power module.
    • Expanded range ballast operates over a range of 20V to 32V and offers 3000V surge protection.
    • Direct ConnectTM custom design allows lamp to be installed directly in A-coil delta plate for optimal UV exposure.
    • Remote mount lamp capability.
    • Quick disconnect lamp connection enables easy lamp replacement.
    • PuriFi-compatible real-time system alerts. (Pending)